reimagine international revenue streams

Global Revenue,
Account Discovery to Payments.

Cadena let's you access all the relevant overseas information during the GTM strategy development phase, right from your HQ.
    Trusted by 70+ organizations across the globe

    Challenges Faced

    Search for relevant accounts
    How do we close business overseas without enough local connections, a complete, updated and accurate database of local companies who may become clients?
    Identify in-market buyers
    Which accounts are ideal to target and will yield the quickest results with highest ACV?
    Connect professionally with many prospects.
    How to we build curiousity across these prospects in an indiviualized manner and not 'spray and pray'?
    Drive the deal forward locally.
    From relationship management and soft follow ups, how can we keep the prospects warm until closing?
    managed crm with millions of prospect data points

    Original experience you won't find elsewhere

    Connect your sales goals to our local knowledge

    Access the data you need


    Cadena's embedded tool that determines % risk of delayed payments and measures impact to cash-flow.

    Search for people

    Access region-specific curated database of 1M+ curated prospects in companies where Cadena has connections in.

    Connect with many prospects simultaneously.

    Use our local sales team and/or AI-generated custom outbound messages using IntelliConnect™ to hundreds of prospects in an omichannel sequenced manner.

    Find out who's in the buying window

    Leverage machine learning and AI-driven insights provided by BuyBeacon™ to recommend the right accounts to go after first.

    Trusted by sales organizations

    You're in good company.

    “ Each one of our prospective clients deserves the best interactive experience from initial contact to onboarding, this also holds true for our overseas business.

    Cadena enables us to  deliver custom messages to the right perona in less time over multiple channels ensuring awareness is built and our brand is always presented in a sophisticed and positive way. ”

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    Ibrahim F.Al Tayeb

    Director, Revenue
    AS Group Financial

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