Local legalization & invoicing

Save time and access new markets using our pre-established legal entities.

Cadena is registered in 3 key growth regions and maintains teams and invoicing capabilties in all regions.

    Registered in 6 Gulf countries & Overseas

    Cadena is located in all 6 Gulf Countries in addition to US, Mexico & APAC. We are recognized and approved service provider by GESO, and have obtained ISO 9001, ISO 27001 & GDPR Certificates.


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    GCC Presence

    Legal Establishment

    Cadena is established as a legal entity across all 6 Gulf countries.

    Qualified to sign contracts

    Cadena meets stringent requirements to provide services & products to large enterprises in the Gulf countries.

    Pre-Approved Vendor

    Cadena is already an approved vendor for several of your preferred clients companies in the region.

    Legal Entities

    Official partners